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You have heard about LEDs, and have certainly seen them around Salt Lake City. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode, an electronic device with two important properties – they pass electric current in only one direction, and use that current to generate easily visible light. The key difference from a light bulb is that the LED has no vacuum and generates virtually no heat. Nearly all the energy goes to producing light, making it both energy efficient and extremely long-lasting. This makes the LED ideal for making highly visible and effective signs.

Think about the lighted signs your business might use every day. Do you use simple fixed messages, such as ”OPEN”, “EXIT”, or “ATM”? Do want them to either flash on and off or stay on full time? How about scrolling signs, which grab the reader’s attention while a message moves across the screen? Do you want to promote a menu, agenda or event that changes over a period of hours, days or weeks? Incorporate a color scheme and logo to complement your business? LED signs use simple, current technology to efficiently accomplish any of these goals.

Salt Lake City LED Signs

Both scrolling and fixed-message LED signs can now be easily programmed by the user. For example, you can advertise this week’s event, then write a completely new message next week without expensive computers or outside technical help.

LED signs are useful both indoors and outdoors. Applications range from building directories to speed limit signs to sales promotions to trade show displays to message boards to you name it – the only limit is your imagination.

Cooler and less toxic than traditional lighted signs, bright enough for easy visibility, durable, flexible and ultra cheap to operate, LED signs are the obvious choice for more and more smart businesses.

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